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Our Services
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Our Services

Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide a service we are proud of.


WILJU GJSC rooted its proficiency in landscaping through more than fifteen (15) years of experience of the founder in urban forestry, parks and garden management, public landscape development whilst his involvement in metro green development plan, and
commercial and private landscaping projects from landscaping design, construction, installation, and maintenance.

Home Garden and Residential Landscape

WILJU GJSC is a “one-stop-shop” and “worry free”
that you can tap when you need a service to develop your dream home garden from design
concept, detailing of landscape plan, acquisition of cheap and yet quality landscape materials, up
to actual installation of the landscape with excellent services.

Ensuring proper grounds maintenance can add value to your property, and for a commercial one, a clean, well maintained exterior and surrounding look creates a welcoming environment and making an impression that your business is on its best shape.

Landscape and Garden Maintenance

Trees are essential element of the landscape and its immediate
environs. It provides green space screening and habitat to wildlife in the urban areas, absorb
noise and air pollution, and modify urban microclimate through its shading effect, reducing wind
speed, intercepting rain, increasing humidity, and air -cooling effect by evapotranspiration.​

Tree Care and Maintenance



Vertical Gardening is a new trend in landscaping and it is gaining popular
attention among landscapers and property owners as it brings inspiration into a new level of
creativity and it provides another dimension to limited indoor and outdoor spaces……

Turf Installation and lawn management

Lawn is a fundamental aspect by which nature interacts with a man-made urban environment. It is a managed space dominated by grass species expanding the aesthetic value of a property in a suburban set up.

Watering and Irrigation System

Watering is a key aspect of maintaining a garden as most
plants need water for its survival be it drought resistant plants, lawn areas, full sun or shaded
gardens, perennial or annual plants, trees and shrubs as well as vegetable garden requiring
different amounts of water and frequency.

Ponds and Other Water Features

Life on earth could not exist without water. Water is relentlessly intertwined in the garden’s history where almost every culture and society recognize its influence as water brings beauty, cool, refreshing feelings while it offers movement, sound, reflections, and peace in the landscape.

Event Plants Decoration

Incorporating greens in the exterior and interior decorations of event
venues such as conference room, ballroom, exhibit areas, and the likes could provide an
extravagant mood for every gathering.

Edible Landscaping and Organic Farming

As people continuously drawn to cities and metropolis for economic, social and other opportunities, the demand for food including vegetables and fruits in urban centers are increasing. Urban farming is an alternative course of action addressing food security, sustainability, and environmental concerns such as climate change.

Plant Rentals

As we strive to give you an excellence and highest standards of service WILJU GJSC offers you a variety of services including indoor plant rentals that would fit to your interior motifs and designs where you could choose with our selection of elegant plants and containers at a competitive price.

Production of Plants for Landscaping Requirements

WILJU GJSC maintains three nurseries for trees, palms, bamboos, shrubs, herbaceous,
succulents, annuals, groundcovers, flowering, and indoor plants.

Landscaping Consultancy and Design

Landscape design is not about a “quick fix” thing like many self-professed experts are concerned with the immediate effect rather than the lasting appeal of the landscape.


We provide the best solutions. We care about the details.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Trust your project to us.

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